Sshtunnel split tunnel

Hello Friends
I want to use sshtunnel in my openwrt router to bypass censorship i can set up the tunnel to my ubuntu VPS
my goal is to use the tunnel only for block sites , not all
have one interface without ssh tunnel , one another interface that reachs to my country ip destinations without sshtunnel and all other destinations through the tunnel

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Generally speaking the SSH tunnels aren't not designed to be used to bypass restrictions. DPI tools may detect TLS over SSH and usually they may throttle such connections and speed will be too slow. Nobody wants to fully block the SSH because it's too important for many bussiness. But if many users will start use it like that then eventually the SSH will be blocked comletelly and everybody loose.
Please invest your time to find another specialized tools that will do a good job to hide the traffic and resistent to restrictions and think twice if you really need this.