Ssh users authentication using external radius

i need to authenticate ssh user using external radius. As far as i know i need to use pam and libpam-radius-auth. Now seems that libpam-radius-auth do not exixsts in any OpenWrt package/libs. Is it true ? so i have to port this kind of library starting from some public repo ? if yes wich repo could be suitable for that ?
Thanks in advance

Libpam actually was removed from the Linux kernel at 5.10 if I remember right.
The same applies for Ubuntu also.

So, howto authenticate ssh users with external radius server ?

What openwrt do you have?
What radius server do you have, try updated radius server?

Have you tried google these packages?

At the moment i use OpenWrt 19.07 but i will step in 22.03.05. As far as i undestood i've to use freeradius3 package (that can be included in OpenWrt) in order to probably have a radius client but for the ssh users authentication seems i've to use PAM (libpam can be also included in OpenWrt 19.07) but howto use PAM for radius authentication ? I don't know what kind of radius server the client will want to use but I guess it doesn't make much difference...

So no way to authenticate ssh user with radius on OpenWrt ?

including pam_radius_auth library as local feed solve the problem

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Sounds encouraging. Good news. Would you be willing to document the steps you took, to help inform anyone else who might have a similar query and stumble across this thread?