SSH from WAN to LAN

Hello, I'll explain my situation. I have a raspberry that I use as a router with openwrt connected to my fritzbox modem / router.
On the raspberry I created the wan interface (eth0) connected to the router and with a usb-lan converter I created the lan interface (eth1) to which I connected another raspberry.
The fritzbox (wan) has address while openwrt Now I would like to connect via ssh to the raspberry which has address I did port forwading in openwrt but it doesn't work, it gives me connection timed out.

You should enable the DMZ on your Fritz!Box, so your WAN traffic can find your 'edge' Raspberry Pi without being filtered by the Fritz!Box already.

The Fritz!Box is probably filtering out your SSH attempt.


The fritzbox does not have a DMZ function.
It has a feature called "exposed host", which deactivates the firewall for the ip of the chosen device and exposes the device to the internet.
I tried this but it doesn't work.

Are you testing from the Fritzbox LAN or from the Internet?

The "exposed host" set in the Fritzbox would be your OpenWrt router (its 192.168.1.X IP) not the final destination. The function where all incoming ports are forwarded to one IP on the LAN is what others call DMZ.

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Iā€™m testing from the FRITZ!Box LAN.

The proper way to test your scenario would be with a device on the WAN side. E.g. tether your smartphone to your laptop so you have mobile internet with a WAN IP, then take it from there.

There's no point in trying to log in on the WAN interface from the LAN. All your network devices are smart enough to know what interface an IP belongs to.

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I solved it by creating a static route on the fritzbox.
Thanks everyone for the help :slight_smile:

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