SSH from Android

Sorry in advance if this sounds irrelevant to OpenWrt.

Currently I have an iPhone and use the iOS Shortcuts app which I've setup with various SSH scripts to do things like reboot the router, enable the VPN change server and the likes. It works ridiculously well, from the lock screen I can easily manage most things that I'd regularly do without having to login to the router or do anything through the luci.

I'm moving to Android however - does anyone else have a similar set up? I'm not finding anything by searching online that seems remotely similar to what I have on iOS.



Pro version of JuiseSSH


There is also hot button


@sammo That one looks a bit more like what I was looking for.

The only thing I'd ideally like is if actions can be added as shortcuts on the home screen (Not as widgets) so they can be neatly organised into a folder.

Like macros as shortcut buttons for common commands?

Can't you just save them top the clipboard?

I don’t think that would work.

On iOS there’s a button I can press from the lock screen which is part of iOS shortcuts. A popup will ask which server I want. Pressing one executes the command over ssh to the router.

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