SSH doesnt work if connected to openwrt

Strange problem.
I have openwrt with OVPN connected. I can access internet from any client.
On any client I can not open a SSH session to my server (same as OVPN server): connection refused.
If not connected on OWRT, SSH works fine.
Any ideas?

More specific information is needed. Is the OpenWrt device the only/main router, or is it sitting behind another router in your network?

If there is another router, is the server connected to the main router?

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Make sure to open SSH in the VPN zone on the server.

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The ssh server is open to the internet.
I try to access the public IP address from a client connected to openwrt router. Owrt has open VPN to the same server that has SSH.

Draw a diagram describing your client position relative to the router and server including L3 and L4 information for each involved host: IP addresses, netmasks, default gateways, SSH port if using non-default one, port redirects if any.
Run traceroute from the client to the server and in the opposite direction.
Run tcpdump on the server while connecting the client and capture the related packets.
Collect runtime firewall and routing configs from each involved host.
Confirm that SSH service is listening on all interfaces with no address restrictions.