Ssh and scp to router


as you can see here, when I'm loggin to my router I have to enter a passphrase, but when I try to add something via scp to router, I can't cause I can't add my passphrase during the process, do you know if it possible? When I was on ubuntu I think it worked but not on fedora.

james@neon ~]$ ssh -l root -i ~/.ssh/id_localrouter
Enter passphrase for key '/home/james/.ssh/id_localrouter': 

BusyBox v1.34.1 (2021-12-31 20:03:44 UTC) built-in shell (ash)

  _______                     ________        __
 |       |.-----.-----.-----.|  |  |  |.----.|  |_
 |   -   ||  _  |  -__|     ||  |  |  ||   _||   _|
 |_______||   __|_____|__|__||________||__|  |____|
          |__| W I R E L E S S   F R E E D O M
 OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r18457+9-4b587f2561
root@OpenWrt:~# exit
Connection to closed.
[james@neon ~]$ scp /run/media/james/D/openwrt/bin/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/openwrt-snapshot-r18468+9-4a2cca7824-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys_wrt3200acm-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin root@
root@ Permission denied (publickey).
lost connection
[james@neon ~]$ 

You can add the path to your key.

scp -i ~/.ssh/id_localrouter /run/media/james/D/openwrt/bin/targets/mvebu/cortexa9/openwrt-snapshot-r18468+9-4a2cca7824-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys_wrt3200acm-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin root@

Take a look at the Fedora SSH docs...


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