SSH and Luci not accessible after I enable CoovaChilli

I have an orange pi zero with OpenWrt where i have setup Luci, SSH and CoovaChilli. By default CoovaChilli is disabled and i'm able to access Luci and SSH into Orange Pi Zero from my PC, but when i enable the CoovaChilli, It disconnects the SSH connection and after that I am unable to access Luci or SSH into my Orange PI. As i'm unable to SSH into Pi, I cannot see what really is the issue. One thing i know for sure is that it is being cased by CoovaChilli as i have tested it many times but unable to find the solution. Can anyone please guide me what could be the issue?

There needs to be a separate interface for the Chilli users. With only one Ethernet port you can't let Chilli take over eth0.

Is it possible to to shift it to br-lan interface rather than eth0 or wlan interface?

@mk24 Thanks I solved this issue by changing the the dhcp option in chilli config file to wlan0 interface:
option dhcp wlan0
This way now it only applies the auth on wlan0 interface eg which is my wifi and i can keep accessing the Orange Pi Zero from the Ethernet / Lan cable just fine.

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