Squid and Tor. Zero Sized Reply/This is an HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not an HTTP proxy

I tried 2 kinds of configurations. Configuration:
1 variant:

http_port [fd22:c11e:c6f6::1]:3129 intercept
acl tor_port port 3129
acl tor_port port 80
acl tor_port port 443
acl tor_port port 1080
http_access allow CONNECT tor_port
http_access allow all
cache_peer fd22:c11e:c6f6::1 parent 1080 0 no-query default
never_direct allow CONNECT
never_direct allow all

2 variant:

http_port [fd22:c11e:c6f6::1]:3129 intercept
http_access allow all
cache_peer parent 9040 0 no-query default
never_direct allow all

With option 1, I get: This is an HTTP CONNECT tunnel, not an HTTP proxy. (from Tor)
With option 2, I get: Zero Sized Reply (from Squid)
I prioritise option 1.

Config torrc:

User tor
DataDirectory /var/lib/tor
AutomapHostsOnResolve 1
AutomapHostsSuffixes .
HttpTunnelPort [fd22:c11e:c6f6::1]:1080
GeoIPFile /usr/share/tor/geoip
ExitPolicy reject *:*
ExitPolicy reject6 *:*

Another option I am considering is to use DNS from Tor, as I have it set up that Tor redirects connections through DNS to ip from which it then directs to the tor proxy.

And it will be better if it will be unnecessary at all to pass to Squid through Firewall, i.e. Squid will intercept connections from all ip ipv6 addresses and ports (with forwarding through HttpTunnelPort or TransPort or DNSPort from torrc) with adding to exceptions some ip and ports with that not only the domain to which it is addressed but also the ip itself (through dns) will be taken into account so that it would be impossible to connect to a particular site from any ip.