Squashfs versions


Why do some Squashfs versions have different amounts of partitions? For example the one for the Bananapi BPi-R64 has 6 while other versions have 2.



What do you mean?

Squashfs is a filesystem type inside a partition, not vice versa. Like FAT, NTFS, ext4 etc.

You are likely talking about differences between some routers, not about differences between various versions of the squashfs filesystem driver?

Ps. The number of the mtd partitions typically reflect the partition structure set by the OEM. OpenWrt rarely modifies that, so that reinstalling the OEM firmware is still possible.

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I have read a lot of threads talking about resizing the squashfs of OpenWRT but they only mention mmcblk0p1 and mmcblkOp2 where p2 is the one being resized where my R64 version had about
6 partitions mmcblk1 - 6, etc.