SQM X86 ping issue

Hi! Can any one help me?
The issue:
When i ping (my router) from my main PC (Windows 10), i got usually <1ms, but every 5-7 packets are 6-15ms.
When i ping (my router) from my second PC (Linux Mint LTS), i got solid 0.254-0.351ms, no spike.

Router: x86, the interfaces settings are the same, only difference is PC 192.168.1.XXX, the linux is 192.168.2.XXX.
The Devices (in router) settings are the same.
Using latest Snapshot.
Tryed to reset my ethernet controller settings.
Tryed to switch patch-cord.

What it could be?

Windows 10 network stack is weird.

What's your network card? realtek? intel? broadcom?

Intel network cards under windows 10 has DPC latency issues. Some intel ethernet have offload problems (which are enabled by default) with some ONTs so if sloppy code gets into that, I wouldn't surprise that sloppiness manifest elswhere. You can waste a whole day playing with different intel driver stack to see or go to intel forums.

To pin it down, if you run win 10 as a requirement, buy a realtek card/broadcom/non-intel and test it out. Meaning if you run realtek, try intel/broadcom. If you run intel, try realtek/broadcom.

Good luck either way.


Yes, intel i219, the linux PC have the i211. Thanks for the answer..