SQM with WiFi on Archer C6 v3

So I have my C6 v3 as the main router and C20 v5 as a dumb AP, both of them running OpenWRT. My connection is 30mbps up/down and I am running SQM on the C6. My question is whether I should use C20 for all the WiFi devices and C6 for wired ones? Will it be beneficial from an overall performance POV? On average, 2-3 WiFi devices are connected to the C6 and 2 on the C20 but sometimes the number of devices increases to around 6 on the C6.
So, I was just wondering if the CPU of the C6 is good enough to maintain the throughput of my connection with SQM with WiFi at all times?

C6 v3 has a dual core 880MHz MT7621DAT SoC.
C2 v5 has a single core 580MHz MT7628NN SoC.

I would think the C6 v3 is more than adequate to handle a 30 mbps broadband connection with SQM enabled.

The later 880MHz MT7621AT runs out of steam at 150mbps with SQM enabled according to this post.
I don't know if there is much performance difference between the AT and DAT versions, if any.

The C2v5 only offers single stream on 5 GHz compared to C6.

Stock firmware will usually perform better for wifi, but C2v5 does not offer dedicated 'Access Point' mode according to the emulator
Also as you only have a 30mb broadband connection, you probably won't notice much difference between running OpenWrt or stock on the C2 if configured as a 'dumb access point' for internet access imho.

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You only need to use SQM on the WAN interface that connects you to the internet.

Thank you for the detailed response. So, I will keep things as is for now.

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