SQM with two routers for streaming

I have one router provided by ISP. It is the second photo.

I have a second router (TP-LINK MR3420 v2.2) with LEDE Reboot 17.01.6 r3979-2252731af4 / LuCI lede-17.01 branch (git-19.271.72080-7b230b0) installed.

I have the second router connected to the ISP one normally.
Second router is on different address and has DHCP.

I noticed that when streaming I drop a lot of frames when enabling SQM on second router.

I don´t care about using only the second router but it would be nice if somehow they could share the workload.
What would be the optimal configuration in my case?

Lede 17 is getting a bit long in the tooth, as far as security fixes go. Sure, your ISP router's firewall is exposed to the wider internet while the lede device is not (directly), but that is still risky.

What are you doing, receiving streams or sending streams? And what speed is your link capable (please post the result of a speedtest) and what stream quality are you using?

SQM defaults to a rather fair, each flow get the same share of the available bandwidth, but sometimes with slow links and high qualiry/hifg rate streaming data, that fairness is not as nice as a less fair solution (but note without SQM there are no guarantees at all, so your high quality stream might still not work as expected). Often, for not too slow links the issue can be remedied by configuring cake for per internal IP fairness but that only works if the rate required for your streams is noticeably smaller than the total download capacity divided by the number of concurrently active internal computers.

Well for SQM to actually control the latency under load increase it needs to be in full control of the bottleneck link, so typically the WAN link. In your case that would imply that all your computers and devices are only connected to the LEDE router and only the LEDE router is connected (ideally with an ethernet cable) to the ISP router, which does not result in much load sharing between the devices unfortunatelly.

I am using Lede 17 to be able to fit SQM package. Had to remove some packages to make it fit.

I am streaming, so sending.

Streaming at 4500 Kbps 720p 60 fps to twitch

With appropriate per internal IP fairness that might still work, but your TP-LINK MR3420 v2.2 really is not powerful anough for your aggregate ~150 Mbps. So you really should retire that device or if not an option reduce the shaper considerably to gain some CPU cycles back.

I´m a bit of a noob, what would I do to reduce the shaper?

Oh, just setting lower rates for SQM than your link would support. I would probably start out with 45/45 Mbps (or 45000 Kbps per direction) which might already be pushing it for your router though...

Understood. Thanks!

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