[SQM] wifi timer down = queue shift to eth0

Hi there girls and guys,

Could I please get some advice on SQM. This scenario is a little odd. SQM works great but for me it's a problem. I have SQM enabled on a wireless ssid (wlan0-1) which works great, but the ssid is on a timer (edit: actually a reboot timer and wlan0-1 disabled on boot) and when it shuts down, SQM stays on and defaults to eth0 which then affects devices on that network.

I can't quite work out how to make SQM stop when wlan0-1 shuts down. Any ideas?

please provide evidence / info on system output that demonstrates this.

so when the wifi is shutdown, sqm config auto change to eth0?
its weird

could u show me the result for "uci show sqm" && "uci show wireless" ?

Sure thing @anon50098793 @bagus91 I'll get back to you with some logs. I can't really see what it will show. I set the device to reboot at 3am each night and a startup script disables wlan0-1. When I want wlan0-1 I just enable it and enable SCM on wlan0-1. After reboot wlan0-1 is disabled as expected but SCM is enabled on eth0. I just need a way to turn off SCM with script.

/etc/init.d/sqm disable and it will never start on its own again.

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Thanks @fantom-x I tried that and the checkbox in SQM was still enabled. I didn't test it on a startup script. I'll give it a go tomorrow and also get some logs.

That is right: you do not want to disable it otherwise it will take more steps to bring it back up. It should be enough to keep it enabled, but not auto started. If you still want to disable it:

uci set sqm.eth1.enabled="0"
uci commit sqm
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Awesome thanks I'll post back tomorrow after some testing.

@anon50098793 @bagus91 @fantom-x thanks guys. The uci code from @fantom-x is what I needed. I won't bother with logs unless you still want them. Thanks everyone.

Just a question but. Why is it sqm.eth1.enabled=0 for eth0?

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It is just a section name in /etc/config/sqm.

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Yeah looked like that. Thanks mate.

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