Sqm ? Wanted a advice

So i have been using sqm for a few months
And i downloaded a few extra scripts and wanted to ask a few questions
Q1 as far as i know are you meant to run sqm only on wan or do you need to do lan ss well
Please explain why you cant cholse lan as well if you cant
Q2 what would be the best sqm at the moment for online game out of all the scripts for call of duty fps games
Q3 is wan for destination download and lan for source upload just wandering
Thank you

You can instantiate SQM on any interface you like, wan or lan (with the typical LAN switch this might require some VLAN trickery, but sqm itself is not your limiting factor, as tc's qdiscs can be attached to quite a number of real and virtual interfaces in Linux).
But do note that SQM's idea of ingress/download and egress/upload are always as seen through the intherface, so a LAN interface's ingress is packets coming from the LAN, and the egress is packets going out of the LAN, and vice versa for a WAN interface. Only for the WAN interface ingress/download are aligned to what user's typically interpret as download-data, namely packets coming from the internet (and respectively for egress and upload). For LAN interfaces internet download packets are actually egress/upload packets, and internet upload packets are ingress/download ones...

No idea, I would probably start with cake/piece_of_cake with the per internal IP-address fairness configuration described in " Making cake sing and dance, on a tight rope without a safety net (aka advanced features)". If that is not sufficient I would try cake/layer_cake and play with DSCP markings. But this is IMHO pretty much a policy decision which you will need to make for your own network, based on your own measurements...

I hope I cleared that up above...

Thank you for the help
Q4 if i have another router in my setup it goes like this
Modem- openwrt router- another router is this the correct setup to run sqm or
Modem -anotherrouter- openwrt router to run sqm correctly
Also in my setup should i be using sqm on the wan or lan to make it run correctly

So SQM does not really care where you instantiate it, if you configure it correctly. But for shaping a WAN to reduce bufferbloat, the SQM instance needs to see all traffic that is going to traverse the bottleneck link. And that in turn means you need Modem<->OpenWrt<->everything else, in the other configuration the anotherrouter will inject traffic into the WAN link that the OpenWrt router will never see, and hence will not be able to account for...
Personally, I like what OpenWrt offers and hence would make OpenWrt my primary and only router, what is the "another router" doing and why do you need it in the first place? Could you replace it with a dumbAP (if anotherrouter is basically needed to extend the wifi coverage)?

This depends on what you want to achive with your sqm instance. If you wan to debloat your internet access link, I would recommend to instantiate sqm on the wan interface.

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Thank you for your help again
I run a netdumar router as well
As i use the geo filter to select where i wanna play on dedis this is brilliant
And i use a few other feature from it
So it has to be in my setup
I only want it to stop the buffer bloat

I thought that is what netduma offers as well?

I will try that setup soon..
My setup will be ,openwrt with cake-peace-of-cake and notting else connected to openwrt put netduma in DMZ on openwrt fo open-nat and all devices to netduma(wired and wireless).

The openwrt sqm will work only with 1 ip (netduma)

Exreyfox if it works please tell me how to set it up correctly thanks all for your help