SQM still beneficial with DOCSIS 3.1?

Does anyone know if SQM is still beneficial (or perhaps becomes detrimental) if you have a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and compliant ISP? From what I understand, DOCSIS 3.1 utilizes "active queue management" to reduce bufferbloat.

My ISP just recently made the upgrade in my area and my roommates and I were even sent a free DOCSIS 3,1 modem, so I'm curious.

From what I understand the aqm only works on the 3.1 channels. Usually only 1 downstream is 3.1 and none of the upstream channels are. So it's definitely worth using sqm.

Sqm reduces bufferbloat and includes active queue length management, packet
scheduling, qos. I don’t see how having it on the modem and router would
cause any issues