Sqm scripts for ddwrt

Can someone point me in the right direction to migrate sqm scripts over to ddwrt? There is ZERO support from the ddwrt developers on this matter. I need sqm scripts for my R7000's.

DD-WRT is totally different.

You should be able to transpose an OpenWrt/LEDE SQM config to the settings on the DD-WRT QOS screen.

Also, read the DD-WRT documentation...


I've used DD-WRT a long time ago. I know most of the inner workings but there has never been any documentation as to where the actually qos scripts are kept. Most people seem to load an external usb drive and run custom scripts. I've since learned that it's qos doesn't work for ipv6, only ipv4. Also, I've adjusted the linux system buffers as well as in OSX. If it weren't for Broadcomm and their closed source drivers, plus me having 2 perfectly good netgear r7000's laying around; I would stick with LEDE/OpenWRT.

Still, those folks could use some help updating qos. They're still using IMQ instead of IFB. Some collaboration could come in handy. Kong seems especially open to new information.

General Information

There are four different directories DD-WRT searches for scripts, these are



I found them using the command:
find / -iname qos (the word qos has an * before and after it)