[SQM/QOS] Recommended settings for the dslreports speedtest (bufferbloat testing)

Hi guys,

Great job, many thanks to all involved. My speed tests if of interest:

  1. new router, no sqm, old router (dedicated QoS to cable interconnection) between it and ISP, official ISP tariff 50 Mbits/s

  2. no sqm, direct cable connection to ISP:

now I have to figure out which interface to choose for the sqm (wan/wan6)
3. sqm, direct to ISP:

  1. sqm, through old router:

4(b) sqm, old router (qos disabled):

Interesting results, clearly the router buffering a lot, will play around with sqm settings and old router.

All the best to everyone, take care in these difficult times.