Hi guys,
Im using a netgear wndr3700 v2 with LuCI openwrt-18.06.i get internet from ISP modem to WAN port on Netgear via DHCP mode.
I created some vlan interfaces mapped to SSIDS to share my vdsl with residents.
I realise that sqm limits ok the wan traffic on different SSID but also the lan traffic beetween them.
I forgot to mention that i use a wifi ap on LAN4 port that is VLAN capable.
My goal is to limit only wan traffic on specific vlan/ssid and not lan
Example1 i want to limit VLAN10 (LAN1 devices) internet traffic to 1mbit download ,but use all available speed between VLAN1(LAN) and VLAN10(LAN1) interface.
I show you the gui settings

Any update on this?Does anyone else having vlan and sqm qos limits on vlans?

SQM (at least CAKE), when applied to a WAN interface doesn't limit traffic between SSIDs.

What qdisc are you trying to configure? You need something that can police the traffic coming from a particular IP subnet to the WAN interface queue. I don't know if there's a pre-canned qdisc that can do this in OpenWRT. You would have to create your own qdisc using the TrafficControl Linux commands (tc). This is not a trivial task, so if you want to have this done, you will have to do some learning.

This is an example that someone shared with me yesterday. This would be your introduction into the TrafficControl concepts. Make sure you understand every line of code and every concept described in this page. I think you can implement a Classful Queuing Discipline and create several Leaf Classes with each using a TBF (Token Bucket Filter) routine to rate-limit the traffic that's placed in that Leaf Class by the tc filter classification routine.

Basically, you should probably retrofit Leaf Classes to the CAKE qdisc. This way traffic from your tenants subnets will be rate-limited, but you will not experience any delay, and in fact you will be able to take advantage of the CAKE qdisc.

Once you get it working the way you want it to, you will need to create a script that would load every time you reboot your OpenWRT box so that you don't lose your configuration.

I am new to TrafficControl on the Linux platform myself, so I don't think I can help you create the rate-limiting policy the way you want it to work with the limited knowledge that I have. I also have no idea how to make a script run at startup to make your configuration survive reboots. I would be happy to follow this thread, though, to learn how you have achieved what you are planning to do.

Thank you for your reply.Well this is too much effort for me on this task.I thought i would be easier for Openwrt to do this limitations because it is a common senario nowdays.
Any other suggestions?

Try pfSense. It has a rate-limiting policy you can configure in GUI. However, pfSense doesn’t have CAKE. I just switched from pfSense to OpenWRT specifically because of CAKE.