SQM QoS, how to exclude traffic for some IPs?

Hello everyone.

In the country I live in we have separate speed plans for the sites located in the WWW and sites located inside the country. The difference is huge, for example I have 3mbit for WWW and 20mbit for national net. My problem is that when I set up SQM QoS I must set the minimum WWW speed for it to make any sense. But with these setting QoS cuts the speed for national network. Is there any way to make SQM ignore traffic to some IPs? I used to have Gargoyle on my previous router and it was easily achieved by adding iptables rules like

iptables -t mangle -I qos_ingress 1 -s $IPRANGE -j RETURN
iptables -t mangle -I qos_egress 1 -d $IPRANGE -j RETURN

I know I have an option to get the same QoS as in Gargoyle with LEDE, but I really want to get SQM QoS working on my current router. I am connected to ISP through PPPoE over Ethernet with 100mbit bandwidth, so there is no problem with passing both speed segments over.


I'm trying to achieve the same, but for one device.
This device always do a speedtest when the network has low-activity, with SQM, the test are severely speed-crippled.