SQM/QoS gone after OpenWrt upgrade?

I just upgraded from 22.03.2 to 22.03.3 on my R7800. All is fine, however it seems SQM is gone which I installed to manage bufferbloat with QoS settings.

I did not notice this with previous upgrades, could this be a bug or is this normal?

When you run a standard sysupgrade, all user-installed packages are deleted, so this is expected behavior.

There is the attended sysupgrade process which will actually build a custom image for you and then install that, effectively retaining the packages you have installed... I'm guessing you did not use that feature, though.

Just use the opkg system to reinstall the missing packages


Thanks for your fast reply, i did not know this. Where can I find this attended sysupgrade process, will be good reference for the next upgrade....

edit: no worries, found it already!

I was just replying to that effect... lol

Also, although this doesn't reinstall the packages, you can also select the highlighted option to at least have a list of what was previously installed.
Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 1.40.55 PM

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