SQM per IP version (?)

Hey Everyone,

I'd like to ask you question and see if you can help me.
My ISP offers me IPv4 and IPv6, now, I have in the contract 200mbps of connection, but my ISP offers me the 200mbps by IPv4 + 200mbps by IPv6.
My question is, Is it possible to configure this in SQM or I just have to set it to 200mps and loose the extra 200 offered?


Seriously? that is truly odd. Is it bidirectional (you have separate upload channels too?)

Yes, there are ways to do this, but it's not a point and click thing by any means. SQM scripts don't support this kind of split multi-channel setup. I know one other person who has this type of thing and we spent a lot of time setting up some custom stuff.

Yeah it's true, each IP version has 200mbps download and 100mbps upload. :joy::joy::joy:
Well that's nice to know! Can you for now just give me an basic idea of how you did it? So I can understand and imagine ahahahahestou

Sure, Ultimate SQM settings: Layer_cake + DSCP marks is a recent thread where we're rehashing some basic ideas.

I think it'd be enough in your case to set up a custom HFSC scheduler on your WAN and set up two classes, say called 10 and 20 each would have say 100 Mbps max. Then you'd classify your ipv4 traffic 10 and ipv6 20. This would handle upload. For download, you could use the IFB method used by SQM scripts and set up the same HFSC scheduler on it, or use the veth method described in above linked thread, and set up HFSC on that.

Here's a blog post on my blog about HFSC with an example set of tc commands:


Really, which country is doing this!
As @dlakelan said you can join my thread to discus and help you to solve this mystery.

That seems so hard to do
I'm new to Linux networking and traffic shaping :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

No problem. you will learn by time!