SQM parameters

I recently started using SQM and still experimenting but it works wonders.

"tc -s -d qdisc show" shows me some information, and i wonder about "memory_limit 32Mb" which seems to be default.

Can you change this and would it increase performance even more? Ive got a x86_64 build with 8GB ram to spare, just thinking about ways to use it.


Well, for a competent AQM, like SQM's fq_codel or cake the memory_limit really is just a backstop to limit the worst case memory consumption. The AQM itself will typically ensure that only a small amout of buffering is actually used. The consequence of this is that typically increasing the memory available to each AQM instance (over "enough") has no effect on network performance as the AQM tries to keep the queues reasonably empty (this is how it manages to keep latency under load small, simply by making sure there are no long term standing queues).

Ok, thank you