SQM not helping bufferbloat score - EA6350

Using a Linksys EA6350 v3 router with dl/ul speeds of 35/4,5 Mbps.

I have followed the openwrt guide for SQM (only deviating in selecting eth1 interface, as that's where my wan ports seem to be) , setting speeds to 85% and the score increases from an F to a C or D.

Tried several different values for the dl/ul speed & even halving them to 17.5 and 2.25 mbps still returned a bufferbloat score of C.

I want to implement SQM because if my roommate streams anything while I'm gaming, I see severe lag spikes.

Any help?

Are you connected to wireless 2.4Ghz? Wireless 2.4Ghz is abit flaky.

It is a wired connection to my desktop, but 2.4 and 5.0 bands are broadcasting on the router, yes.

What about your friend streaming. What's the connection method? Maybe checkout this post

Ah, yes. It's a roku on the 5G band. Looking into that post, thanks.

have a look here with multiple clients on network you should enable the per-host isolation (cake + piece of cake) it shold help you a lot in this situation.

To enable Per-Host Isolation Add the following to the “Advanced option strings” (in the Interfaces → SQM-QoS page; Queue Discipline tab, look for the Dangerous Configuration options):
For queueing disciplines handling incoming packets from the internet (internet-ingress): nat dual-dsthost ingress
For queueing disciplines handling outgoing packets to the internet (internet-egress): nat dual-srchost
Please note the addition of the ingress keyword to the “Advanced option strings”

Thanks for the suggestion. I added both of those lines in the sqm settings and will give it a spin tomorrow.

If i'm understanding it correctly, this will divide the bandwidth fairly among active devices, regardless of the amount of streams?

yes exactly, if your roommate start a torrent client downloading like crazy or starts streaming and upload like crazy it will get same bandwidth as you watching a youtube video or gaming..

Flows are defined by the 5-tuple, and fairness is applied first
over source addresses, then over individual flows. Good for use on
egress traffic from a LAN to the internet, where it'll prevent any
one LAN host from monopolising the uplink, regardless of the number
of flows they use.

Flows are defined by the 5-tuple, and fairness is applied first
over destination addresses, then over individual flows. Good for use
on ingress traffic to a LAN from the internet, where it'll prevent
any one LAN host from monopolising the downlink, regardless of the
number of flows they use.

Instructs Cake to perform a NAT lookup before applying flow-
isolation rules, to determine the true addresses and port numbers of
the packet, to improve fairness between hosts "inside" the NAT.

I think this has helped the most, still some odd lag at times, but not gamestopping like it used to be. I think the next thing to do with be flashing that optimized build linked above, but I want to test this more first.

i don't own this device so i don't know if it's something specific/bug/or else involved in this.

you should post here (or in a new topic about sqm optimization with your setup linking this thread) some detailed information about your setup/ISP, what modem/bridge mode?? type of line dsl/vdsl/cable/else?? any vlan involved?? proto for connection ppoe/ppoa/dhcp?? what devices/number of devices/how are connected?? post your cat /etc/config/sqm in preformatted text (screenshots are a pain to read), the more information you give the more users here can help.

as an empirical test i'd try an higher overhead

When in Doubt, it's better to overestimate - Choose packet overhead 44

The solution to my problems was buying a new router ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think the ea6350 just couldn't handle the sqm algorithm. Went with the wrt1900ACS and consistently getting an A score on bufferbloat (95% of full speeds) and lag-free gaming.

that's all that matters! thanks for reporting your experience.

edit: if you want to go a bit more advanced have a look at DSCP marking for prioritizing gaming traffic, or de-prioritize background traffic like torrents or so..

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