SQM needed in this case or not

hello my friend has swisscom fiber and he already has a great buffer block, do you think it could be useful to add SQM or it would be really minimal in terms of the result? thank you

SQM is only harmful if:

a) your router is slow, an unable to keep up with traffic
b) it's misconfigured

SQM is only useful if:

c) you're pushing up against the limits of your connection
d) you're having a bad experience using audio/video conferencing or gaming while pushing the limits of your connection bandwidth.

start in reverse order of the above and ask your friend if they have issues.

If they're unsure, proceed by measuring and logging amount of bytes transferred. There's many ways to do this, here's a recent guide that will result in pretty graphs: https://grafana.com/blog/2021/02/09/how-i-monitor-my-openwrt-router-with-grafana-cloud-and-prometheus/


A more simple to configure way to log traffic usage is with luci-app-statistics (and collectd-mod-interface). You get a graph that looks something like this, nothing as amazing as what you can do with Grafana but useful for a quick review:

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Ok thanks for your response i'm appreciate really