SQM ingress/egress shaping help

Hi, after installing SQM using the steps in the user guide, my dslreport speed test increased to A+ in all 3 parts. Despite that, my ps3 wired online gaming is slower than before. (I have upnp)
So I "set to 0 to selectively disable ingress shaping" and left the upload/egress shaping on. ps3 became better.

My download bufferbloat is average ~45 but my upload bufferbloat is ~300.

  1. Will there be any benefit if I keep SQM/cake/piece of cake while disabling both ingress and egress shaping?

  2. Or is it better to just leave the egress shaping because my upload bufferbloat is so high?
    Thanks for the help

You might take a look at the SQM configuration section of the User Guide...


Having UPnP turned on is a security risk. You might consider using port forwarding instead for the PS3.

Im a beginner and I read through the guide but I cant find the answers to my questions, which are basically yes or no questions

They actually aren't yes or no questions...it depends on your network.

The best way to learn what works and what doesn't is to test it yourself .

Change one thing at a time, record what you changed, and what the result was.

As I mentioned I am testing my gaming speed after each change.
The answer to everything can be "it depends". I asked them thinking there might be a general answer under general conditions.

It's fine to have the PS3 in the DMZ if you wanted. Sony made a big effort to make the PS3 as locked down as possible so basically there are no security risks with that particular device.

jchen: One key piece of information you haven't mentioned is what speed is your internet connection? If it is 300 megabit for example on the download, you will want to have SQM turned off on the download and on for the upload. The reason is because the CPU in the router can't keep up. For a profile like 60/10 it is fine to have it on for both.

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No, that currently might still have a few side-effects, but it will not be benefucial. It is fine to set one direction to zero, but you are better of not enabling sqm if you really do not want to shape any direction at all.

Typically, people report that bufferbloat is better controled with sqm enabled, but that really is a matter of personal preference, if gaming works better for you without sqm enabled, by all means keep it disabled. The nice thing is that this shoukd be easy to test, just play with and without sqm enabled and make notes about the perceived playability. I might add that congestion in the network might have temporal patterns so make sure not to compare, say peak hours and full network saturation for sqm with no-sqm at 3:00 AM without any additional load in your network (unless you do both measurements under both conditions).

But, it might also be that your sqm instance might simply not be fully matching your setup, so maybe you could post the following pieces of information:

  1. model and make of your router

  2. a link to the dslreports speedtest with sqm disabled

  3. the output of "cat /etc/config/sqm"

  4. the output of "tc -d qdisc"

  5. the output of "tc -s qdisc"

  6. a link to the dslreports speedtest with sqm enabled

  7. the output of "tc -s qdisc"

  8. the output of "tc -s qdisc" from both before and after a gaming session with your PS3.

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Thanks sunspark, moeller. Setting both to 0 was indeed bad. I'm just going to test with shaping upload only and sqm disabled to see which is better.