SQM in AP mode

Hi folks,
I am sorry if this has been asked before. I am currently using a Fibre connection but my ISP does not allow bridge mode in the ONT to be used. The only thing I want to use is SQM, so what are my options if I own an OpenWRT compatible router? Will I be able to use SQM in that router set up as AP effectively?

That depends, SQM needs to see all traffic to/from the internet, so as long as the OpenWrt router is the only device connected directly to the ONT SQM can help dentist your internet, otherwise it's effectiveness will be severely restricted....

The only other device connected to the ONT will be the IPTV (via LAN) which I am not sure if it will work with the second router.

Mmmh, that might still be manageable. I see two options.

  1. you are super lucky and the IPTV is send in its dedicated connection and it's packet's are not counted against your contracted rate (Deutsche Telekom had a system like this on their GPON FTTH links some years ago). In such a solution the IPTV might come over its own separate fiber or might be multiplexed on the same fiber as the rest.
  2. IPTV accounts against your contracted rate, but you can reliably predict the usual and/or worst case IPTV bandwidth. In that case you simply statically reduce the Shaper rates in SQM such that Shaper rate + IPTV rate < contracted rate. That should also work, but it might require an interested process to figure out / confirm how much bandwidth you need to reserve color TV.

Thanks for the info. I will report back once I receive and setup my new router for SQM.