Sqm_collectd.sh many processes spawning

edit: forehead-slaps-himself... this is on master 2021-02-27ish ( around 21.02 fork time )

has anyone else seen several ( over 7 ) sqm_collectd.sh process spawning? ( i.e. these will accumulate over several days perhaps from procd / or manual luci_stats restarts )

i've seen a report or two around the traps and wanted to collect broader input before I dig into this further... ( as it could be due to something on my end )

  • Opposing experiences also welcome ( 'sqm collectd on master and have never seen this' )
  • Or if you know what triggers the periodic collectd(luci_stats?) [restart||reload]?

this appears to be related to stopping / starting collectd ( which I do automatically every few hours to create a copy of /tmp/rrd ) in case of power loss...

so the question then morphs into;

  • what is the correct order to stop / start luci_statistics / collectd?
  • is stopping / starting both of them necessary to copy /tmp/rrd?

issue now in packages repo so, well let that take precedence...

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