SQM Cake and Piece of Cake reduces download speed significantly when streaming Spotify or videos (Youtube, CNN, BBC iPlayer, etc)

So, like the title said, SQM is doing really well, with A+ bufferbloat on Dslreport, but somehow everytime I download something and streaming spotify or video, the speed is reduced significantly (from 15 MB/s to only around 3-5 MB/s) even though at that time I'm the only one using the network and only two other smartphones in idle condition. It seems that spotify and other video streaming takes too much of my bandwith and is given the priority by the SQM, even though they can actually stream just fine with no more than 10 or 20 MB/s speed (especially spotify, because it only streams music anyway).

My Internet is Fiber connection with 170/170 MBPS (around 20 MB/s) speed. The SQM is using 90 percent of the speed and default settings with Link Layer Adaptation to none.

So what can I do with this?

Note: This only happens on the same exact computer. For example, If I download through my PS4, it isn't affected even when I'm opening youtube videos or spotify on that computer. I suspect something to do with the port

Also, when I try to turn off the SQM, it seems that my download is still being affected. Uninstalling SQM doesn't work either. It seem that once SQM turned on, there's some leftover on the config files that neither turning it off nor uninstalling it would bring it back to normal.

Every help will be really appreciated, thank you.

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Mmmh, please post the putput of:

cat /etc/config/sqm
tc -s qdisc
/etc/init.d/sqm stop
tc -s qdisc
/etc/init.d/sqm start
tc -s qdisc

There really is not much that can be left over that is not shown by tc....

Thank you for the answer. I just woke up here so I'll try that later on the day. I just want to confirm first, this is using SSH terminal right? (like putty)

Yes, these commends should be run on the router via ssh. Sorry, for not mentioning thar explicitly.

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