SQM and ISP's modem router combo

root@OpenWrt:~# tracepath -b
 1?: [LOCALHOST]                      pmtu 1500
 1: (                       623.000ms
 1: (                       519.000ms
 2: (                             372.004ms
 3: (                         606.007ms
 4: (                           775.007ms
 5: (                             694.006ms asymm  4
 6:  190-58-255-153.business.static.tstt.net.tt ( 285.007ms asymm                                                                                          5
 7: (                       407.048ms asymm  8
 8: (                       956.048ms asymm 14
 9:  no reply
10:  no reply
11:  no reply
12:  no reply
13:  no reply
14:  no reply
15:  no reply
16:  no reply
17:  no reply
18:  no reply
19:  no reply
20:  no reply
21:  no reply
22:  no reply
23:  no reply
24:  no reply
25:  no reply
26:  no reply
27:  no reply
28:  no reply
29:  no reply
30:  no reply
     Too many hops: pmtu 1500
     Resume: pmtu 1500

i dont have ipv6 i tried that one and it failed

Thanks, that tells us your path MTU seems to be 1500 byte, good, so no fragmentation likely...

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i inserted the nat dual script...is there any other configurations i can try

im really trying to understand the problem with this game..i play call of duty and my connection seems stable but in the game my bullets dont connect properly..ive been looking for a soultion for a long time..i dont know if its the matchmaking..i use banip and blocked all the far away servers so i always get put on the closest servers which is mami and atlanta and my connection is bad in terms of my bullets not connecting properly..the highest ping i get is 50 ms when i block the far servers