Spotty connection on Archer C7 v5

I decided to install OpenWRT so potentially fix my existing issue where laptops drop out of the network, as well as an issue where our 4K TV was hogging all the network bandwidth even though QoS is already set up to not prioritize the TV. However, when I installed OpenWRT, I'm getting spotty connection on all of my devices, as shown here:

Even with the SQM plugin installed, the issue still persists.

Any ideas as to why this happens?

Have you tried the plain 'ol QoS like you previously had?

You mean previously, correct?

If not where is this QoS being setup?

  • Does this still happen?
  • Are you willing to show your etc/config/wireless

Basically, we need to determine if you have enough Wireless and WAN bandwidth, especially for 4K streaming.