Sporadically losing internet access

frequently my router cannot access the internet, even though it has an IP from the ISP. i have to reboot twice in order to get services up and running again. i cannot find a definite pattern but it happened once around a week now. Today it was the fourth time.
no idea what to look at.

Also, i would appreciate if someone knows a way to have it reboot automatically to resolve this issue.

watchcat looks nice, i installed it yesterday. Now how do i know that the system has rebooted and how do i find the cause of the reboot?

check the uptime.
could also send an email to yourself, informing you about the reboot.

you won't, unless you save the logs somewhere, off router (doesn't apply to x86, and devices booting from mem cards, etc).

my system is x86. so is there any special place i could check logs, please?

Only if you've already configured it to save to disk - https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/base-system/log.essentials

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