Splitting VLANs on Belkin RT3200 (e8450)


I am trying to follow the user-guide from here regarding setup of a "Split VLAN" for "for a secured extra zone used for an office work computer separated from your LAN zone": https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/vlan/creating_virtual_switches

I think there must be some significant UI changes since the guide was written and cannot see how to do this.

I found this post which seems to use shell scripts, but was hoping for a way to do it via the UI/config files.

I tried on 22.03.1 and Snapshot r20856-2b4f12e55b but can only find the following in Luci:

Any ideas how to do this or updates for the User Guide?

Be connected by wifi so you won't lose contact while reconfiguring Ethernet. Create a wifi AP on LAN if needed.
On the page you posted, set the LAN ports you want to stay in the old LAN as untagged in the existing VLAN 1. Create a new VLAN numbered 2 and check the Local box. Select the LAN ports that you want to be in the new LAN as untagged in VLAN 2.
On the Network - Interfaces page, select LAN and change the physical device from br-lan to br-lan.1.
Create a new interface with br-lan.2 as its device. This will be the second LAN. Configure IP, DHCP server, and firewall for it.

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