Spliting Posts - Tracking v Watching


Recently you split these 2 posts.


I am of the opinion, (sample of 1) that when this occurred, the first post which I was Watching was changed to Tracking and the second post, which I did not set, was set to Watching.

I have no issue with the later, but it was only today that I realized there were posts on the original thread I missed.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if this is actually a bug, and if so worth pursuing.

BR RangerZ

Interesting that you mention this.
Only recently I stumbled over a similar case in the Discourse forum.

I have seen https://meta.discourse.org/t/pre-seeded-data-explorer-assigned-queries-need-updating/203014?u=tmomas in the "Unread" section, and the status was set to Tracking or Watching (I don't remember any more), because I had replied to this topic (that's what discourse told me). Since the topic is quite short, anyone can easily see that I have not replied to this topic, and I couldn't find a reply to the parent topic either.

It is likely that I have been watching the parent post because I have read it, but now it is set to "Tracking, because I have replied to this topic".

A quick search on https://meta.discourse.org/ didn't yield anything useful.

For now, I suggest to monitor this. A good error will come back.

I made this message public now, in order to reach more users and possibly get more feedback.