Split Upload/Download from different interfaces

Hi every one,

I have two metered internet connections with different upload/download/traffic limitations. My ADSL has 12/1 Mbps download/upload bandwidth with 1 TB traffic and P2P WiFi has 20/50 Mbps download/upload bandwidth wit just 50 GB traffic.

What I need to achieve is to somehow route my uploads from P2P interface and download using ADSL. Is it possible? how?

What I've tried right now is to do asymmetric routing using SNAT rule that translates my laptop's local address to ADSL address and sends it on P2P interface and hope that it returns from ADSL interface. But It didn't work and I don't have any clue how to debug it.

Another option is to use some sort of vpn connection to my VPS and somehow bond/aggregate both connections together using one to upload and another to download. I don't also have any clue on how to do that.

If you have any idea how to achive it I would be gratefull


As far as I know zeroshell is capable of doing such type of bonding. I have not tested it however.
On the other hand there isn't any turn key solution in OpenWrt that I am aware of. Which means that you'll have to study how it is done and import it to OpenWrt.

Maybe you are lucky and someone else has done it already and will share the information here.



Ok I try to find out what is happening under the hood and post updates here

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In general, I would say that this is not possible at the router level, because of how TCP/UDP works.

However, in the case of P2P, perhaps the client could be modified to use one interface for the uploads and the other one for the downloads.


I'd probably dedicate one LAN (VLAN) with, e.g., a RPi for this, configured to route all traffic over the ADSL line.

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My p2p connection is simple pppoe over NanoStation M5 and there is nothing special that can be configured about it

As far as I can tell, in ZeroShell documentation it is a simple bonding/failover using vpn connection and there is no way to split upload/download. This also seems to be applicable to all Linux distros.

I try to mix this with some sort of QOS policy to switch between interfaces. I will investigate more and let you know

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Maybe not in the implementation of the zeroshell, but maybe with some tweaking it can be done.

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I understood a different thing by "P2P", I was thinking about file-sharing apps like BitTorrent.

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Aha! I tried to updated the question to make it clear but I can't