Split trunk or tagged connection to 2 switches?

i am new here. Over past years my home network has grown and grown, and with so many different type of devices i decided to split my home automation/IOT devices (like Alexa, Netatmo etc) from my main private network. So far i have been able to do this without issue using 2 old TPLINK1043ND's i had, loading OpenWRT on them and connecting them to different ports on my main router (an EdgeMAX device) and configuring the TL1043ND/OpenWRT pure as client devices, even adding the WAN port to the LAN ports and creating AP to go with them.
All separation is done through firewall rules on the EdgeMAX, DHCP and DNS also done by the EdgeMAX, so far without (the need) of using VLAN's.

So this all works fine at the location where the EdgeMAX is (where i can plug the 1043NDs directly into seperate ports on the EDGEMAX.
I have a large house and it is rented, so i cannot pull CAT cables. So I am using Powerline adaptors (DEVOLO) to extend my cabled network through the house by using 3 power line adaptors, one connected to the EdgeMAX and the other 2 at remote locations in my house.
So i would like to move the 2 1043ND/OpenWRT client devices to the remote locations, where they should service the 2 separated networks (one for normal use, one for the HA devices) including separate SSID's for Wireless. So VLAN would be the perfect solution and i read a lot about it, but one thing is what i cannot find:
as, in this case, the tagged or trunk line between EDGEMAX and the 2 1043ND/OpenWRT needs to go over a single powerline adaptor, will this work?

I guess it would be similar to the question if i can plug the trunk line from EDGEMAX first into a very simple dumb switch and then connect 2 VLAN switches to that simple switch to get the VLAN's on both?

If my message is unclear i can try to find an application so i can make a network drawing of what i want. Couldn't find something that can do this quickly, would need to do that on another machine. Just let me know and thanks for any help.

In case my search to find an answer to this was done wrongly and the answer is already here, i would appreciate a link to it very much and apologies that i was unable to find it.

Is there a reason you don't want the separation to be done on the 1043ND?

yes because i need the same 2 networks in more location in my house and want the EDGEMAX to control all (like also give IP addresses over DHCP and supply DNS).
If i do it on the 1043s i end up with 4 different networks, right (DNS and DHCP must be done by the 1043s)?
But maybe i am just wrong, happy to learn about alternative methods.

It should work without issues.

It does work.

If you want to broadcast the same SSIDs from both 1043, it makes more sense to aggregate the traffic back to the Edgemax. If not, you can assign the IPs from the 1043. DNS can be configured as per your preference.

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