SPI Flash upgrade for W8980 V1

I am trying to upgrade the SPI flash of TP-Link W8980 V1 and I think this may be the one for it. I am trying to go for 64Mb of flash size although currently it has 8Mb only.

Now if someone thinks this may not be compatible then please suggest a compatible one and keep it close to AliExpress because I can only buy from there.

Oh and please do not tell me that it has low ram, 64M, because I know that and still think that it can handle all of my internet needs for at least a couple more years. I also have a HomeHub 5A with 128/128 so I also want W8980 to have 64/64.

Thank you

Read the data sheets, especially on number of address bytes for SPI-NOR over 16 MB.

Search the forum as well, as this was discussed yesterday.

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If you look closely the aliexpress link you posted... it says, "64M-BIT FLASH", which is a 8 MB flash chip not a 64 MB. You can go easily upto W25Q128xxxx which is 16 MB flash chip.

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Yes I thought of that too. Because someone posted here that they wanted to upgrade to 16MB flash so they decided to go for W25Q128xxxx and since the other one is only xxx64xxx then it should be less than that. Thanks for a heads-up.

I found this and I think it should be good to go. Also I have another question about RAM. The RAM for W8980 in the Wiki page suggests DDR2 SDRAM with WBGA84 package size. Now I have potential options but I am not sure what am I looking for exactly for an upgrade and what is the safe size to upgrade to.

RAM 1: 972GG6KB
RAM2: 971GG6KB

Any suggestions here?
Maybe this?

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