Speedport hybrid LTE router firmware

Hello community
i bought a speedport hybrid router from china. basically i want to setup a ISP in ireland and looking for VDSL2 router with 1GE WAN port. that speedport router seems to be nice. i know its locked to german TELEKOM. but i would like to use it in ireland. can anyone tell me is it possible i can use openwrt firmware and unlock all the feature? at the moment its only showing telekom login page when i go to
so i cant use that router at all.

also i am very new in openwrt. i know the source code is open. if its possible i can flash the router with openwrt then can i modify the webgui interface customize the way i want?

i dont know what kind of programming knowledge i need. but if someone knows how to modify the interface may be can help me on this.

i am very thankful to the person who spend time to read my post.

and please help me with some suggestion.

one more thing. i can get speedport w724v model router from china seller. is it possible i can use openwrt or anyother router os to flash the router so i can use it my way

thanks again too all

Look for your device at the table of supported hardware: https://openwrt.org/toh/start