Speedport 500 wifi chip neither configured nor running

Hi guys! Ive recently flashed a 12.09 release on my old speedport 500 to turn it into a routed client, using it as pseudobridge.
data on device, also link to firmware used:

Speedport 500 Techdata

To my problem:

Ive successfully flashed the device and connected to it via ssh, however i can not see any wireless configuration nor wireless device active in the hardware settings. As you can see on this screenshot the wireless device is not in the list of devices, even inactive, nor are there config files in the folder.

  1. Why did the image not flash these files into it? Is Wifi functionality in this image even supported?
  2. Can I set these files up manually or do I need another image with corresponding files?

Thank you for your time, looking forward to your replies.

Best wishes,


Is there a kmod-b43 package (or similar) installed? Check dmesg output for pointers on why the wireless isn't detected.

Keep in mind Broadcom hardware tends to have mediocre OpenWrt support.

Checked dmesg output, but i cant seem to find anything relating to a wifi adapter. Mind you this is my first OpenWRT install, so i mightve missed something: