Speed maximum 100 Mbps

I have two devices TP-Link Archer C7 v2, one is directly connected with my modem and the other one is an acces point, both wired with UTP.
Without router I get 200 Mbps from my ISP.

But with TP-Link Archer I get wired and with WiFi, only around 100Mbps. I have updated the router with latest version of OpenWRT, but problem still exists. UTP cables are minimal CAT5E.

When I go to Luci --> Network --> Switch, all the ports are 1000baseT-full-duplex only the WAN is 100baseT-Full-duplex. What does that means?

I know it is an old router but 200Mbps should be handeld? Or do I need new hardware?

Check for any poor contact on the cables...
I had a similar problem here and this was the problem.

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How long are the UTP runs from your router to your modem?
Can you replace them with higher quality ones, like S/FTP?
My guess would be the "unshielded" part of your cable has something to do with it.

I don't know how your router checks what speed it can do over the wire. From a purely electrical perspetive, there's 8 pins and a shield making connection. The quality, though, takes some interpretation. There's a chance your computer without a router just comes to a slightly different conclusion about cable quality than your router.

do yo use sqm ?

Unfortunately, I have replaced the cable from the modem to the router with an fresh new CAT5e. I have disconnect all the other cables, and plugged in a new CAT5e into the router and directly into my laptop. With Speedtest.net still 95 Mbps (Also tried to connect wireless on the 5G band with iPhone 14 pro).

Edit: I see the WAN is now 1000mbit, but the speed is the same.
Problem Solved!! I have reboot the modem and router, and now the speed is good.
Thanks all for the quick response.


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