Speed Lost OpenWrt FritzBox 4040

I wanted to know if there is any application in OpenWrt to measure the speed of downloading and uploading data from OpenWrt.
I think I have a very big loss of speed.
I have a FritzBox 6591 Kable with a Vodafone line with 1150 Mbit / s download and 56.7 Mbit / s upload. I have a FritzBox 4040 with OpenWrt connected to this router through LAN 1.
When I do Speed ​​tests over the Wlan or Lan on devices connected with Openwrt, I never exceed 15-93 Mbit / s speed.
The cable that connects the FritzBox 6591 to the FritzBox 4040 I rule out the problem, since I connected a personal computer with the same cable that goes to the fritzbox 4040 and in that case when I connect my personal computer directly to Lan 1 with the same cable I get a speed very close to what I have contracted, but through the LAN 1 of the fritzbox 4040 (Openwrt), I don't even reach 100 Mbit / s.
That is why I want to measure the input and output speed from openwrt to find out how much connection loss.

if you're only measuring on the LAN side of the openwrt device, you can use iperf3.

obviously it needs a counter part on the client as well.

But it'd probably be more intresting to see how the router part behaves.
or is the 4040 set up as a dumb ap ?

what is set up 4040 as a stupid ap?


it means it's not running as a router, but as an wireless access point + switch.

your 4040 shouldn't be a bottleneck, if your 6591 is acting router.

If it is, and so is the 6591, you'll have double NAT, and in worst case a
subnet conflict as well.

What's the WAN IP of your 4040, and which IP does your clients get ?
192.168.x. ?

The WAN ip is

and the clients connecting to the 4040 get .... ?

The Wan does not distribute ip. (LAN) deals ip to lan (WLAN) distributes ip to wifi

If your WAN IP is .10. , and your LAN and WLAN are .1. and .11., you're double NATing.

Or doesn't your ISP provide public IPs ?

I don't really understand this. Or doesn't your ISP provide public IPs?
What can I do to only fix it or really know the fault?

We can't tell you what's wrong, unless you answer the questions.... And sometimes not even then ,)

Why doesn't the 6591 provide IPs, it appears to be routing traffic? Is it by your choice or the ISPs?

When you are testing input and output speed, the FritzBox 4040 is acting as a data sink or source.
This puts load on its CPU and may reduce the measured speed.

Throughput numbers are more reliable. Connect one PC to the FritzBox 6591 LAN, and another one to the FritzBox 4040 LAN or WLAN. Run iperf or flent/netperf between them.

Which OpenWrt release is installed on the 4040? Recently, the handling of VLANs was reworked, which could be affecting the LAN speed. Perhaps try the latest stable release or a snapshot.
Note that I do not own this device, I can only reproduce what I remember from reading this forum.

I understand he meant that the FritzBox 4040 is not running a DHCP server on its WAN interface. IP addresses in this network segment might be served via DHCP by the 6591, or they might be statically assigned. This is a local configuration decision, the ISP is not involved.

Fritzbox 4040: Wan, this interface is static adresse and with DHCP to ignore this interface.
LAN: it is in static adresse with the default and in this it is activated dhcp that distributes ip to the lan.
Wifi: it is in a separate interface from the Lan. This interface is in Static with this ip

router 6591 its ip is

If you leave the 4040 connected, and connect something to the 6591, does it work?

If it does, any special reason for the double NAT?

good morning,
sorry that you have not answered in this time.
I am trying to make speed measurements with iperf, but I don't have much idea of computing and setting up a network, so it takes me time to learn to make this measurement from one router to another. I still think that my openwrt does not reach all the internet speed, but sometimes I also have a lot that needs internet, mobiles, tv, lights etc and that is why I have problems, but on the other hand I think that 1150 mbit / s is a lot and you should have no problems. I think I also have everything between the fritzbox 6591 and the fritzbox 4040 as they say in the tutorials

A question that I can already answer is what version of Openwrt I have and it is the following, 19.07.5, which I have updated these days.

Make that 19.07.5, then it's correct.

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