Specific Firewall Routing for one client with Load Balancing

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem in configuring a specific Firewall Rule in OpenWRT (OpenWrt 18.06.4 r7808-ef686b7292 ).

My Installation as follow:
Two Internet Connections one over Satellite and one over external LTE
Satellite has an 16Mbps connection and the LTE round about 3-6 Mbps. Depending on weather on users at given time.

Now I have configured Load Balancing over both Connection and it works.
But I want, to create a custom rule, that one client in the Network goes every time through wan2.

How can I realize this. I have already created a Firewall Rule with the definition like from LAN with IP address to WAN ANY Ports Any destination from any port. But every time I check the connection it goes throw WAN1.

I'm out of ideas. Maybe someone can help me with.

Greetings Peter.

Hi Everyone,

I solved the problem by my own :-).
For thoose who will have the same problem, here my solution.
Just go under Network -> Load Balancing -> Rules. And you just have to enter here your Rule. ^^

I have every time tried over Network -> Firewall. This was not right.

Hope this help someone one time :wink:



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