Specific device for my situation

Im a new user this forum and OpenWrt in general. My only contact with this firmware was a couple of years ago with installing it a old router that i found in my basement, was i think a non-official version that didn't work well and I was a bit lost.

Fast forward a couple of years later and here I am, in a dorm with a WIFI who is restricted and i cant see other device in the network because of security reasons (obviously) but i cant play in LAN with my friends or access the rest of my devices in the network, and that suck.
That is why im looking for a cheap router (Im an IT student and don't have much money) that i can connect to the WiFi dorm with the 5G band and connect my devices to in the 2.4G band as I don't need a lot of range and there is no interference with other WiFi.

I want also learn a lot about OpenWrt as I am still a bit lost, Linux is not a problem since Im relatively familiar with it and I am a fast learner.
I am based in EU more accurately in Spain as this is a deal-breaker to some of the routers that i saw in the forum.

Also there is no need for gigabit WIFI/LAN or fancy thinks like that, I get 20 mb/s at max i the best situations and I dont have any Ethernet port to the router available in my room.

There is a range of travel routes from GL.iNet starting from around €20 and come pre-installed with their version of OpenWrt.

Or you could cross check what used routers are cheap on ebay where you live, and cross check out with the table of supported hardware (and the forum to make sure there are no know issues). You could probably find something for €10 or 15.

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