Sorry to be a pain (need 4g help and updating on MT7621A )

hey everyone, I am really new to this and done a few routers in the past but now I live in country I needed a router for 4g.

I opted for the mediatek MT7621A. I know its outdated but worried I pick up the wrong update file if someone could help

I also then need to get the 4g internal sim working but I guess updating would be a good start I have a feeling all this will take me a long time to get my head around

Whats the actual device youve bought? Searching the wiki for the chip name returned quite a lot of hits

The MT7621 is a current-production chip that is well supported. It has dual advanced MIPS cores which is quite a bit of CPU power.

So like @sparks said, it really depends on what particular model router you have-- that establishes how to install OpenWrt and the ports and interfaces you will have available.

Make sure your 4G modem works with desktop Linux with an actual test where you confirm you can reach the Internet. Then look at which drivers it uses. These can then be installed on OpenWrt. Testing on a desktop first saves a lot of confusion should troubleshooting be required.

thank you for the help, its this one --

It's a ZBT WG3526.
You will need to look inside the case to see if a 4G modem card is actually fitted, and if the modem will be compatible with the 4G services in your country.


On a similar device I am using Quectel EC25 modem, in serial mode. Not too expensive, and well supported. Only choose correct EC25 version, for the freqeuencies in your country.

well, i can see theres no light on and no drop down selection for were it may be for the usb driver (for stored files) and no drop down choice for 4 g. i def think it has a wrong version of openwrt if thats possible

i seen that it should take 18.06.1 but again not sure how to find the right one for me. i am so sorry i am such a noob

thank you for the help, I now have it updates but still no section for the usb and no 4g.

i opened it up and yes theres no 4g pci card in it....... you would think as it slots in this would be there but at leats it explains why I cant get anwhere with it

4g modem drivers are not in the basic 18.06.1 build. You have to install them after flashing.

An external USB modem could be used or the internal slot.

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i have one of these - HUAWEI E8372 but it could only take 10 wireless devices :frowning:

If the usb modem is already configured, it is just a matter of installing kmod-usb-net-cdc-ether and configure it with luci. After that you can even disable the modem's internal wifi.

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