Sonos controller doesn't see player (different VLAN)

sorry in advance, this is topic #2954993249523 about this, but I tried all the solutions in in the other threads and even more :wink:
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3: Accessing Sonos from another LAN/VLAN

For me, I cant get it to work. Spotify sees the players after "some time", But the controller App does not.


Players: eth1.1 (VLAN 1, LAN, Boost (wired, is creating a SonosNET)
Controller: eth1.10 (VLAN10, Wifi)

First question: Is this Firewall/Zone Setup correct? I am a bit puzzled, as i do not have any rules setup for allowing traffic between wifi/lan, but it works. I had rules in place (see Initial Links) but removed them as it was working without those rules (i.e. access to Players via Port 1400 - works fine without any rule - should not be the case?) (because of the allow forward in the zones and/or allowed source/destination for forwarding?)

Lan zone

Wifi zone

I read that the key to success is the multicast routing. As with a TTL=1, it can not be routed and must be proxy'd. For this i installed omcproxy and configured as suggested with the controller VLAN as uplink (eth1.10) and the player VLAN as downlink (eth1.1)

in #4 it is suggest to use igmpproxy v0.3. This packge is not available. (0.21 is latest in opkg). Therefore i chose omcproxy (newer than mcproxy)

I will happily assist in posting config / etc. Maybe i'm just missing a minor step :slight_smile:
thanks in advance.

Solved by using smcroute. Appeareantly mcproxy Doesn’t forward SSDP packets. After enabling smcproxy on both interfaces and adding the necessary route, the controller was instantly able to talk to the players and back.

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