Something as AX92U


I look for a new router and I found this one but I do not know how is Openwrt support for this router. Is something similiar with full openwr support?

My wishes are USB 3 for file sharing and power for next decade

Thank for Your time and suggestions

Unsupported and not going to be supported (Broadcom).

Ok, and exist some similiar device, which supported is?

At the moment, OpenWrt doesn't support any 802.11ax device, yet. ipq807x is probably closest to getting supported (but won't happen over night either).

Ok, and when I leave “Ax” thing?

There are a couple of potential options, depending on your requirements (in particular, WAN speed, additional services (e.g. VPN), rough budget and location (as pricing and availability differs a lot between North America and Europe) etc.).

Without knowing any of your needs in particular, ipq806x, ipq40xx or mt7621 based devices come to mind; mvebu or x86_64 might also be a good match.

Sorry and thank You for Your patience,

What I need from the device:

guest network
maybe nextcloud (accessible from WAN)

for 10 phones/tablets (android+iOS), desktop, smart TV, some “sonoff thinks”

We live in a flat in the middle europe