Someone is improving the hardware pages for devices

I had a couple of devices I had to look up today and I noticed how much work someone is putting into making the pages easier to navigate and highlighting potential problems to look for when flashing and suggesting alternative choices depending on individual situations if choosing a device just to flash to OpenWrt and I just wanted to say it is noticed and it looks great.


AFAIK if you click on the history button at the wiki you could see the list of revisions and, more importantly, who authored them, so you could address your thanks better. :wink:



I cannot remember what other router I was looking up but it had yellow sections and red sections indicating caution and read before buying.

But I do see a lot of work being done on the RPi page by @Noltari about things I did not even know needed addressing or had a fix for(I'm talking to you crap 5Ghz), so that is great to see.

Work like suggested chipsets for ethernet and Wi-Fi dongles.

I just need to figure out how to add those config strings to the correct config files in the right folders in the correct partitions...

I had not idea I had to change the country code by running Raspberry OS and it would persist for OpenWrt.
Maybe @frollic will stop hating on the radio. :rofl: :joy:

After a deep dive into my history I found the other page I saw today that looks like a lot of work is going into:

TP-Link Archer C5 AC1200 / TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 / TP-Link TL-WDR7500 which seems to have been worked on by a lot of people, most recently @jow.
I do not know who added the colored boxes but I think they make it easy to pick a version and what builds to avoid with other versions.

It is eye catching and reduces the chance a newbie flashes the wrong firmware (red) and what you can, reasonably, expect based on your internet speed. (yellow).

Although it does say v2 is only good to 19.07.10 in the supported version up top and then says 23.05.2 just below it.