Someone check my research on first router for starlink in the UK?

Great choice! I have three myself.

BTW you might like to try out CAKE w/ adaptive bandwidth on your Starlink connection to keep latency low despite the highly variable bandwidth nature of Starlink. It has been shown to work well for Starlink (albeit we only have data from one or two Starlink testers). We could do with more Starlink testers for further development. Recently we have just added code to compensate for Starlink satellite switches. See this thread and recent posts concerning Starlink with plots:

By way of background, one strength of OpenWrt (amongst the others you mentioned) is its so-called smart queue management to keep latency low. CAKE is one option offered, and works very well but is limited to accepting fixed bandwidths for download and upload. After a lot of work we have managed to dynamically set the CAKE bandwidth on the fly for variable rate connections like LTE and Starlink, which should allow smooth Teams and Zoom calls (and otherwise low latency) even when saturating download and/or uploaad.

So you might like to try this out on your shiny new RT3200 to help you get the most out of your Starlink connection and if you do please keep us posted on the thread I linked above.

I hope you enjoy your new device and OpenWrt.

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