Somebody out there on a flagging spree?

I noticed a lot of posts flagged, including one of mine.
Are these all flagged by the same insane individual by any chance?


yeah i had a comment removed from a thread about settings migration...

  • user asks about replicating device setup... ( across versions if I recall )
  • I explain some methods to achieve this
  • thread develops toward the 'simple methods'
  • post was flagged and removed... as not relevant...

flaggee had all the rights... biased imho... answer was perfectly valid and relevent...

'don't try to merge..., export, start fresh and manually add packages one by one...'

deleted... waste of time...

The discourse system flagged some postings:

What I don't understand: trendy is no new user, not by far

And definitely not multiple links to the same domain.

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