Some wireless problem

Hi there
In 3 month later I start work with small project
I covered small area with city blocks I covered it with 5ghz wifi I use unified ac mesh with custom openwrt image + sector antenna the client in there home they get router like uplink archer c50 or archer c7 this router I install in it custom openwrt image , I configure my wireless main ap (unified ac mesh ) to make 2 ssid one for guest ( my users ) second for my client router but I get some problem

The main problem I have multiplied client router ssid , with same ssid so these router should connect to best quality ssid from near ap but some of them didn't do that its connect to any ssid some example

There's router this router in middle of 3 aps
First one -50
Second one -60
Other one -70

My router client should connect first one because it's have good quality of signal but router connect to second or there and some time to one why it's didn't stay in first one is there any idea to help with this

Note for guest ssid I use channel width 40
For client router ssid I use channel width 80

Any idea ?

I haven't looked into overriding the "default" AP-selection logic, but that might be possible in either or both the hostap code or the driver.

You might want to consider one of the well-tested approaches for mesh networks, be it 802.11s, batman-adv, OLSR, or some combination of those or similar.

If you're talking about your OpenWrt routers linking to each other, you can use the bssid option to force a client to link to one particular AP. This is essential when you have several "repeater" stations and one "main" station that is connected to the Internet. If you don't force the links, you can end up with two repeaters in a loop with each other having no path to the Internet.

If you're talking about how user clients like phones or laptops choose an AP, and not always using the best one, that is decided by the client and there isn't a lot you can do about it.

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