Some User Badges Lost

Wondering why I was getting new badges like "First Quote" and it looks like all a little of the user history was lost.

I wouldn't have expected a change in URL to impact that, but the coincident timing suggests that this data might have been missed in whatever cutover was done.

Can it be restored?

I think only a few interlink related badges are re-awared, probably because the forum migration required a rerendering of all posts to change to

At least in my profile I see that I got awared a "First Link" yesterday but others like "Editor" or "First Mention" are still from October 2016.


I also got the "first quote" badge yesterday, which surprised me.

But otherwise the visit count etc. seem to be there (and also the "regular" status based on actions), so I think that not all history has been lost. E.g. my Regular badge is still from Jan2017 and also the Devotee badge is still there :wink:

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I seem to have lost my "regular" status. Not sure if that's because I don't meet the requirements anymore, or due to the cutover. what exactly is required for "regular"?

I only ask because occasionally I'd go ahead and alter a title or two to make them more understandable.

like a post once a month.

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I also got the "first quote" but only today, why not yesterday like others :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems that by default it's substantially more than that, see TL3/regular:

Of course I imagine the rules can be tuned per-site so not sure what they are here, or if the requirements perhaps changed during the cutover?

There is a thread here from the early days with the details, but for anybody with any history in the forum, that was the long and short of it. I assume it is the same even with the change-over, but there was always a time element before the granting thereof.

Likely just because you do not meet the requirements any more.
Several people have got and lost "Regular" during the two years, some even for multiple times.

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@dlakelan - these are the currently lacking requirements for your level 3:


Not sure if it is related to the domain cutover (as I wrote further up, all posts had to be re-rendered and apparently a part of the stats which is related to links got reset due to that) or due to some slightly less activity on your side recently.

Need to have read 4275 posts in the last 100 days hunh? More likely that there's been more activity on the part of others due to the recent release etc, and so my percent went down :wink:

I don't really care about "regular" status or not, but if you're going to hand it out, it seems more like setting a fixed activity level, like reading around 10-20 posts a day on average for 100 days (so 1000 to 2000 posts in 100 days) or more is more useful than setting a percentage where as traffic climbs you wind up having to be inhuman or a full-time tech-support person to read say 90 or 250 posts a day or whatever. That's just going to wash out the "regular" function as more and more people participate.

EDIT: also since the cutover I haven't logged in my phone yet, so whatever stuff I've read on my phone probably didn't count.

I have been looking at the Regular count every now and then, and it was 22 before the change (maybe on Monday), and now it is 21.

Just a fun fact:
Based on an old thread in Lounge there were 9 regulars in Jan 2017 when jow slightly decreased the Regular requirements to the current level:

bobafetthotmail Alberto Bursi - Granted 14h
slh - Granted 14h
jow Jo-Philipp Wich - Granted 1d
anomeome Kabuli Chana - Granted 1d
hnyman - Granted 1d
Borromini - Granted 1d
richb-hanover Rich Brown - Granted 1d
richb-hanover-priv Rich Brown - Granted Oct '16
tmomas - Granted Oct '16

Of those, only slh and I (plus the two admin accounts) have kept it all the time, and three others have lost it but got it again later.

There has been a steady flux of Regulars all the time.

Yeah you really need to 'keep up' to keep that badge. I've lost mine more than once I think (if I ever got it back after getting it the first time :yum:)

To me, this seems problematic. I think of lots of people on here that are "regular" and "trusted" but I think they should be regular and trusted even if they don't read ~ 50 posts a day every day for the last 100 days (or the equivalent, 100 posts a day every other day or whatever). As the forum gets bigger (in terms of activity) the requirements will continually increase... To me this wasn't thought out well by the discourse people. I mean suppose a year from now twice as many posts are made in a day... will we have any "regulars" or will they all wash out because who can keep up?

Another question is what is the purpose of "regular" I think in this forum it should be a signal to newbs etc that the advice they're getting is coming from someone who has been around and been helpful and active for a while... Helpful and active should be measured in terms of absolute numbers. A person who has visited at least 50% of the last 100 days and reads at least 3 or 4 different topics a day and at least 10 or 20 different posts a day is active, regardless of how big the overall forum is.

no one can be an expert on all topics covered in a forum like this, people will stick to helping in their area of expertise, that area of expertise will not necessarily scale with the total size of the whole forum.

EDIT: I see by default the discourse people want you to read 25% of posts capped at 20,000 posts in 100 days... That seems insane for a forum like OpenWRT where just reading someone's config file to help them figure out what's wrong might take 10 minutes for just one post I'd argue that reading 10 posts a day for 100 days straight (1000 posts in 100 days) is pretty "regular" for a forum like this.

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